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Thursday, 31 July 2014 17:27

Improve Your Website with Pro Copywriting

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Improve Your Website with Pro Copywriting

Do you want to know one of the simplest ways to improve your website, so that it is found by search engines like Google and gets better returns from your visitors? Stick around for a bit and you'll learn a few hints and tips that will explain why websites with content created by digital specialists will give better returns than DIY efforts.

Why Do I Need Someone to Write My Website?

It might seem easy to produce text for your website. Maybe you can write a passable letter with the help of a spellchecking app. Or perhaps you have all the information on your company's products and equipment available online, and can just use their tried-and-tested words as your own, right?

Wrong! Duplicating substantial blocks of content can harm your site's ranking, or even cause Google to remove your pages from their search results altogether. But you can build far simpler and less dramatic cases for calling on the talents of a digital content writer.

Someone who is properly trained to write website copy knows all the tricks of the trade for making the most out of your text. And there are at least three sexy reasons why content created by a trained writer gives you the edge above someone who makes their own:

  • Search engines love tailor-made digital content
  • First impressions are important
  • Customers are more likely to buy

Search Engines Love Professionally Written Content

More than 90% of internet business transactions start with a search engine, so you don't have to be Steve Jobs to figure out that getting found online is important. However, you can totally be forgiven for not fully understanding what is involved in SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation). Do you know what an H1 tag is?

Luckily, any trained digital copywriter who is worth their salt will know the basic principles that make sure search engines find and rate your website. These include such issues as:

  • Structure
  • Authority
  • Relevance

Don't know what these mean? Well you don't have to! Your content writer will make sure that the information that is displayed on your pages is optimised to get a better quality of results. That means more readers! And that means you need to up your written game, because...

Spelling and Grammar are Important

There are plenty of skilled and intelligent people out there who couldn't spell Optimisation if they had a gun held to their head. Spelling and grammar make no difference in most people's day-to-day lives. Or so they think!

Google have stated publicly that poor spelling and grammar are not used "directly" as factors in site ranking. But they have found a strong connection between well-written sites and authority ratings, which are SEO gold. And it comes down to common sense.

Imagine if you went into a supermarket and found they'd spelled "milk" wrong on all their packaging: you wouldn't think much of the company, or their produce, would you? Well, the same principle applies in the online world. Your website will create people's first impression of your company, and the way it is written and presented is a large part of that.

Copywriters Can Help Convert Readers into Customers

Here's some free info for you: a large part of site optimisation is what us digital eggheads call "customer experience". Simply put, if your site is a joy to visit and easy to use, then people will find you and come back again. If it boasts all the charm and pizazz of an instruction manual, not so much.

We can all appreciate that it's just amazing that "the 0.09mm Krakenhosen Mk III Elite uses filtered water to cleanse 17m2 of concrete over a 43-second period, to EU Standard 377:8". Interesting story. Tell it on your site and watch as your visitors fight off sleep just long enough to open their Facebook app and forget about your company forever.

But you'll find that they're a lot more likely to stick around and maybe give you their money if your website says they can "Find out for FREE how affordable an industrially clean driveway can be!"

Want some insider knowledge, again at no cost? Most internet users will leave a web page within 10-20 seconds. But if they find a "clear value proposition" – or in normal-talk, "something you have that benefits them directly" – then they're much more likely to stick around and see what's on offer. Which is why...

Structure is Sexy, and Sells

Let's go back to our imaginary supermarket again. You're in search of some semi-skimmed, but when you get to the "Dairy" aisle, there's no milk. Just cheese and yoghurt. And flat-screen TVs. You trudge around the store for another 15 minutes and eventually find the milk in the "Toiletries" aisle. Directly below the pasta sauces. Question: would you ever go back to that supermarket again?

Well, a poorly written website is just like that: chaotic enough that shoppers will actually want to go elsewhere. When somebody lands on your page after a search, they want the information on the website to be well-organised, whether they know it or not.

So, while it's tempting to cram loads of information onto a page and show how talented you are, sometimes it's better to let some marketing specialists break it up into easy-to-understand blocks. Then when your customers find your high-ranking site, they know exactly where to look for the goods.

Do You Want a Better Website?

Chances are if you've got this far, you've started to see some of the benefits of professionally written website content. It's something that a discerning reader like yourself can learn with a bit of time and effort, but you could also be forgiven for having better things to do with your spare time!

If you want to know more about buying some optimised digital content, contact us for more information on our direct-to-market copywriting.

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